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Bryce Dessner discussing St. Carolyn by the Sea.

En français, if you like that sort of thing.

J’aime cette chose :O

I know, I felt so bad for poor Bryce. :( I thought about you during the milk and cereal part — I think you posted that a while back. I wish there had been more of the band, but I’m glad to finally see the film.

hahah, yeah I did. He cut out the bathing suit part! The original screening was just a bunch of footage of the whole band doing dumb stuff, which was great, but I guess it wasn’t really a “story.” He should release some of that stuff as a bonus to this or something. I love them *_*

I think I watched the scene where Tom shows Bryce his previous film about a dozen times. So funny.

Yes! I was cracking up.

My favorite part was when Bryce was like “I thought you wanted to put me in the movie. I thought you wanted to talk about me. Everyone wants to talk about Matt.” with his sad baby face :(

Also, Tom was upset about the failed screening but what he did not show was that it was a monumental failure twice in the same day as they had tried to do a free screening not at the show and it was a complete disaster and I sat there for hours in a room full of people I was in awe of, had a horrifyingly embarrassing moment with SVE, learned about John Darnielle’s creepy tour habits, and watched Matt get angry because Bryan didn’t want to come.

I just wish there was a sad Vanderlyle montage at the end still. And the dancing candy canes. 

I just watched Mistaken For Strangers. I laughed n cried and now my soul aches a little bit.

Food Faces: Jesse Ball



In this series, Shane Jones looks at the diet of some of our favorite writers. In this installment he talks to Jesse Ball, whose most recent book is Silence Once Begun.



Plain yogurt with honey and a few raw almonds

Pain au chocolat
+ cappuccino, cortado, macchiato or black coffee 

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I can just see the UPS driver’s hands covered in chili, whispering, “What the fuck?”

Played 82 times

This makes my heart hurt

nobunny in february though

The one bright spot of this city is that Nobunny seems to like coming here

Bryce is coming here again for big ears but I don’t want to see enough stuff to pay 175 and everything I would want to see is on separate days. I am angry.