Another magical night with SVE in Paris! She’s the one and only <3

aw this is so lovely! Thanks for sharing thelolofromparis!!

This is just a blog for sporadic reblogs about The National and SVE I guess, yet somehow I have over 400 followers. WHO ARE YOU


Bryce Dessner discussing St. Carolyn by the Sea.

En français, if you like that sort of thing.

J’aime cette chose :O

I know, I felt so bad for poor Bryce. :( I thought about you during the milk and cereal part — I think you posted that a while back. I wish there had been more of the band, but I’m glad to finally see the film.

hahah, yeah I did. He cut out the bathing suit part! The original screening was just a bunch of footage of the whole band doing dumb stuff, which was great, but I guess it wasn’t really a “story.” He should release some of that stuff as a bonus to this or something. I love them *_*

I think I watched the scene where Tom shows Bryce his previous film about a dozen times. So funny.

Yes! I was cracking up.

My favorite part was when Bryce was like “I thought you wanted to put me in the movie. I thought you wanted to talk about me. Everyone wants to talk about Matt.” with his sad baby face :(

Also, Tom was upset about the failed screening but what he did not show was that it was a monumental failure twice in the same day as they had tried to do a free screening not at the show and it was a complete disaster and I sat there for hours in a room full of people I was in awe of, had a horrifyingly embarrassing moment with SVE, learned about John Darnielle’s creepy tour habits, and watched Matt get angry because Bryan didn’t want to come.

I just wish there was a sad Vanderlyle montage at the end still. And the dancing candy canes. 

I just watched Mistaken For Strangers. I laughed n cried and now my soul aches a little bit.